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We strategically and qualitatively intercept users who are really interested in your services and products, optimizing every marketing process.

And we do this through the study and analysis of marketing data, essential to ensure and increase the performance of your company.

Over the years we have helped multiple companies to perform and generate long contact lists.

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7Eyes Method: Performance first!

In 7eyes we love Digital Marketing especially the performance one. Our mission, which is evolving in our method is to offer high conversion prospects both in the B2B and B2C market! We know how to build a dialogue with the target really interested in the brand and the product.

And how do we do it? Through knowledge of the dynamics of digital marketing and thanks to the skills of our team. In particular, we work on the main social and advertising platforms with the aim of reaching your potential customers, improving the brand image.

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It is not enough to think, it is necessary to think strategically

The marketing actions and the campaigns we put in place consist of a series of coordinated advertising messages in order to achieve a targeted goal. And we do this with the aim of generating new business contacts for business growth. The choice to diversify advertising on multiple channels comes from the desire to intercept the user at different times of the day, obtaining the improved Cost Per Lead. With the use of the best platforms we are able to increase the loyalty of Prospects, increasing sales and keeping the attention on products, services and offers!

Lead Generation: the best strategy for Performance Marketing

We listen with precision and attention to the demands of your company to turn them into measurable solutions. For us, Performance Marketing activities must not focus solely on stimulating a greater perception of the brand towards the consumer, but must stimulate it to take action against the brand. Our goal is to tell the story of our customers to their target market, develop new demand for buyers and improve the Brand Position of the business.  And how do we do all this? Through these tools!


With DEM-Text we collect Leads with high conversion potential using a kit and.mailing completely textual obtaining a +75% on delivery and a +15% of engagement compared to traditional


With 1-Click SMS we can reach a high number of target users thanks to the high rate of deliverability of the SMS channel. Interested users therefore reached with a single click.


With The Native Lead the traffic of our Community network has immediate access to the customer offer and the possibility to interact through a simple clik!


Voice technology calls the Leads created by validating and enriching personal information through a telephone script. A useful tool to check the quality of the generated leads

Forex Lead Generation

In recent years, thanks to performance marketing strategies, we have increased the turnover in relation to the generation of leads for the Forex and Trading sector. We have become the point of reference of brokers and brokers working with the latter, who need to receive daily leads for the sale of trading operations.

Meet the Team of 7 Eyes

7eyes is the Ideal Partner to launch your Online Business at the highest levels. Our team is made up of online marketing experts, who follow and optimize each customer’s campaigns to achieve their goals.

Francesco Pedone


Entrepreneur and consultant since 2015, with over 10 years of direct experience in Sales and marketing and a strong passion for business development. I specialize in Marketing Strategies and Advertising with the help of data and analysis. I check all the demand generation processes used by my customers to optimize their performance. My vision of the sales world leads me to understand commercial development as an engineering process in constant analysis and evolution.

Loris Innocenti


Graduated in New Art Technologies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Always passionate about Art and Visual, after studying I worked in the world of video and photography, increasing my knowledge and skills. The image has been at the center of my studies and my works since always, discovering all the potential and facets. Coming into the world of Digital and Advertising I was able to develop my knowledge even more at the graphic level, bringing my studies to develop brands and their products internationally. Today in 7Eyes I follow all the Visual processes in the different developments for our customers.

Massimilano Marseglia

Massimiliano Marseglia


I have been working for many years in the Finance and Control Administration sector. During my career I have held different roles, from accountant, to chief accountant, to administrative manager, until CFO and General Manager. I have worked both in small and medium business contexts, both in multinational contexts, learning from a technical point of view and from an organizational management point of view. Today I play the role of GM/CFO as a Business Partner. I believe that technical skills must be continuously updated, together with managerial skills, in order to be able to face and solve the problems that arise daily in the company.

Simone Castano


Always in the world of sales (HR, Finance, Automotive), but entered the world of Digital in 2016 as Sales Consultant in the Vendor of Google, in which I followed the acquisition of high potential customers with a particular focus on the Finance market, and to follow for MailUp Group. In 7Eyes I take care of the Sales Management 360 º with the role of KAM on the customers of greater importance for the company.

Riccardo Grasselli

Riccardo Grasselli


Graduated in Computer Engineering with a Master in Engineering in Computer Science. I have been following customers in Italy and abroad for 5 years, managing a monthly spend of over 50,000€ on the main traffic channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google). My approach to adv follows an analytical framework, based on the study of the prospect and the interpretation of market trends, with a strong focus on testing and constant innovation of communication assets. In 7Eyes I deal with Advertising and performance marketing for our customers.


Simone Alessandrini


Graduated in Communication Sciences, always passionate about the web, entered the world of digital communication in 2017, striving to become what it is today: SEO Specialist. Over time he studies and continues to do so to know more and more Google and its algorithms, in order to create strategies oriented to the acquisition of Lead through organic traffic. It puts at the center of all the search intent, through which each user chooses and performs his actions on the sites of our customers. Dynamic and organizational, he follows in a capillary way every project that is assigned to him.


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