Your online communication, managed by experts to achieve concrete and tangible results. In this way the business is measurable concretely, thanks to the data and metrics that you can view routinely, online and in real everyday aspects.

We challenge the way of marketing

7Eyes is born and constantly evolves in the world of digital advertising with the aim of putting in direct connection the companies with their end consumers through strategies of Branding, Visual and Design, Social and advertising campaigns with high media coverage.

Our goal is to grow SMEs and help big companies to become better and better and to achieve more and more interesting results in terms of positioning and business development. To achieve all this we work with more vertical skills, using creativity with the help of data to better target our actions. Managing the communication of your brand is a fundamental and vital step that every company must have.

Marketing today requires creativity and data analysis

When we talk about Advertising Experience we talk about our internal way of working based on the experience that a customer experiences interfacing with advertising campaigns designed and implemented by our team.

Creativity is what sets each brand apart, and we work and specialize every day to be leaders in the industry. We give a unique vision for each of our customers, so as to make it recognizable in its target market. Creativity and analysis in order to develop advertising campaigns to achieve concrete results. This is the perfect mix to evolve your business and brand. Every marketing action we develop and implement has all these steps in it. We work alongside our customers, with a vision of community and dedicated projects, to continue our relationship in the years to come, and to achieve the required results together.

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Digital strategy and consulting

Marketing actions without strategy are nothing. Thinking about how to move in your market, how to bring concrete results, how to involve the target audience is the winning metric! But how can this be achieved? Thanks to professionals in the sector, who work closely with each customer to devise and implement the customized marketing strategy, suitable and based on data.Every brand and company is now present on the online market, on different social platforms and in different advertising modes. There is only one thing left to do: to be unique and different.


Thanks to this your brand can be noticed and become a leader in the industry. Without a specially created strategy this can not happen! To do this it is necessary to have a transversal competence. Knowing each of our customers and their reference market, continuously updating us and with commitment on the technological and conceptual innovations of marketing, analyzing data and metrics, leads us to be the ideal partner for many brands and companies. We work every day to moderate risks, to implement and propose concrete and real answers. Turning abstract data into tangible results is our strength.

Our Service

We help brands to express themselves better, so we have structured an area of creative imprinting capable of transmitting the values of companies. Our Demand Generation  services do more than just optimize advertising campaigns to improve conversion and costs. We also follow our customers on the aspects of CRM data management and optimization of business processes related to consumer demands.

Meet the Team of 7 Eyes

7eyes is the Ideal Partner to launch your Online Business at the highest levels. Our team is made up of online marketing experts, who follow and optimize each customer’s campaigns to achieve their goals.

Francesco Pedone


Entrepreneur and consultant since 2015, with over 10 years of direct experience in Sales and marketing and a strong passion for business development. I specialize in Marketing Strategies and Advertising with the help of data and analysis. I check all the demand generation processes used by my customers to optimize their performance. My vision of the sales world leads me to understand commercial development as an engineering process in constant analysis and evolution.

Simone Castano


After 10 years with sales roles in different sectors (HR, Finance, Automotive and Digital), I joined 7Eyes as Sales Manager, moving the target clientele from Micro Enterprises to SMEs in the National Territory.
From 2022 I took over the General Management of the agency to support the Administrator in the Management and Supervision of the different business areas (BU Voice, BU Custom Project, BU Performance and Administration) with direct involvement in the management of key customers and partners.


Massimilano Marseglia

Massimiliano Marseglia


I have been working for many years in the Finance and Control Administration sector. During my career I have held different roles, from accountant, to chief accountant, to administrative manager, until CFO and General Manager. I have worked both in small and medium business contexts, both in multinational contexts, learning from a technical point of view and from an organizational management point of view. Today I play the role of GM/CFO as a Business Partner. I believe that technical skills must be continuously updated, together with managerial skills, in order to be able to face and solve the problems that arise daily in the company.


Gianmarco Pandozi


Graduated in Economics and Business Management, I gained various work experience in sales and marketing, developing skills and competences such as: data analysis, project management, account management and negotiation skills.Over the past three years I have been able to deepen and make my own, the logic of Direct Email Marketing, grasping and fully exploiting all its potential, both as a pure awareness tool and as a tool aimed at selling / converting.I currently hold the role of DEM Specialist in 7eyes, thanks to my experience, but aware of the long way to go and how much I can still learn.


Simone Alessandrini


Graduated in Communication Sciences, always passionate about the web, entered the world of digital communication in 2017, striving to become what it is today: SEO Specialist. Over time he studies and continues to do so to know more and more Google and its algorithms, in order to create strategies oriented to the acquisition of Lead through organic traffic. It puts at the center of all the search intent, through which each user chooses and performs his actions on the sites of our customers. Dynamic and organizational, he follows in a capillary way every project that is assigned to him.


Danyllo Benicio

affiliate manager

Graduate in Advertising from Aeso University in Brazil. Always been passionate about Marketing and Communication. After experiences in the market as a Data Analyst in Brazil, in the year 2016 I decided to do a Master in Italy in Business Intelligence at the University of Turin to expand my knowledge and skills. With more than 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, I joined the 7eyes family to bring something of my own by sharing my experiences and to keep learning through the new challenges that will come from this reality.



Daniele Papa

advertiser & webmaster

After earning my master’s degree in social media marketing and ADOBE certifications as a web master, I started on the path that has led me to work today in digital marketing.
I believe that the constant study and analysis of KPIs as well as the analysis of the target audience and product sectors are the key to achieve high performance in terms of lead generation.
Today I put at the service of 7eyes the skills for Facebook advertising and website development through the study of usability and user experience.
I follow the agency’s projects that are assigned to me with perseverance and dedication in order to always achieve qualitative results.


Foto (1)

Gianluca Cascella

it manager

Passionate about the world of IT since I was in diapers, I entered the world of work soon after graduating from high school in 2020.
Since then I have held the position of IT Support in small companies, converting what until then was only a passion into my dream job.
Since January 2023, I have been the IT Manager of 7Eyes, as well as the developer and maintainer of Tracking Panel, a platform dedicated to tracking affiliate data.


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