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7Eyes means creating visibility. Bringing results. Being reliable.

Seven is the number of creation, and Eyes, is the key element of our work. Observing means specializing and putting into practice. A look always focused on the future, new technologies and new strategic advertising visions that we use for each of our customers.

Our success comes from the achievement of our customers, we believe in high quality training, the use of appropriate tools and direct experience. But most of all, we believe in people’s ideas.

We believe in the digitalization and change of SMEs in Italy, through creative and innovative ideas. We are a digital agency formed by talented professionals, enthusiasts and visionaries.

For years we have been working in the field of Digital Marketing and we are a professional partner to help you achieve business goals thanks to targeted strategies and tailor made through a step by step path always at your side. Our philosophy is based on some fundamental values that accompany every project and every activity we carry out.

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Our philosophy is based on some fundamental values that accompany every project and every activity we carry out.

1-Knowledge and professionalism for tangible results

We know communication, in every aspect and we can make it an ally for your business, able to bring tangible results making your brand and your company recognizable online.

2- Data analysis as a route to be followed

Data is our point of departure and arrival. We study the field of action, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to set goals of achievable business and build tailored strategies based on real data. Only through a careful and constant analysis you can understand where you are and where you is going.

3- Innovation, talent and passion as a guide

In a world in constant motion it becomes essential to keep up and companies that choose us as partners decide in turn to innovate their communication and their business strategies.

That’s why we welcome proactive and passionate people to our team, supporting their talent in a continuous professional growth, in order to be able to always offer the best to our customers.

4- Relationship and mutual trust as a distinctive element

The customer who chooses us becomes part of our team and, together with us, step by step, builds and achieves its goals in a relationship continuous trust.

5- Measurability and results our arrival point

Each of our projects comes from an idea followed by the construction of a strategy, its implementation and ends with the achievement of the business objectives set, going through the measurability of each and always calculating the return on investment (roi).

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Meet the Team of 7 Eyes

7eyes is the Ideal Partner to launch your Online Business at the highest levels. Our team is made up of online marketing experts, who follow and optimize each customer’s campaigns to achieve their goals.

Francesco Pedone


Entrepreneur and consultant since 2015, with over 10 years of direct experience in Sales and marketing and a strong passion for business development. I specialize in Marketing Strategies and Advertising with the help of data and analysis. I check all the demand generation processes used by my customers to optimize their performance. My vision of the sales world leads me to understand commercial development as an engineering process in constant analysis and evolution.

Loris Innocenti

project manager

Graduated in New Art Technologies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Always passionate about Art and Visual, after studying I worked in the world of video and photography, increasing my knowledge and skills. The image has been at the center of my studies and my works since always, discovering all the potential and facets. Coming into the world of Digital and Advertising I was able to develop my knowledge even more at the graphic level, bringing my studies to develop brands and their products internationally. Today in 7Eyes I follow all the Visual processes in the different developments for our customers.

Massimilano Marseglia

Massimiliano Marseglia


I have been working for many years in the Finance and Control Administration sector. During my career I have held different roles, from accountant, to chief accountant, to administrative manager, until CFO and General Manager. I have worked both in small and medium business contexts, both in multinational contexts, learning from a technical point of view and from an organizational management point of view. Today I play the role of GM/CFO as a Business Partner. I believe that technical skills must be continuously updated, together with managerial skills, in order to be able to face and solve the problems that arise daily in the company.

Simone Castano


Always in the world of sales (HR, Finance, Automotive), but entered the world of Digital in 2016 as Sales Consultant in the Vendor of Google, in which I followed the acquisition of high potential customers with a particular focus on the Finance market, and to follow for MailUp Group. In 7Eyes I take care of the Sales Management 360 º with the role of KAM on the customers of greater importance for the company.


Simone Alessandrini


Graduated in Communication Sciences, always passionate about the web, entered the world of digital communication in 2017, striving to become what it is today: SEO Specialist. Over time he studies and continues to do so to know more and more Google and its algorithms, in order to create strategies oriented to the acquisition of Lead through organic traffic. It puts at the center of all the search intent, through which each user chooses and performs his actions on the sites of our customers. Dynamic and organizational, he follows in a capillary way every project that is assigned to him.


Gianmarco Pandozi


Graduated in Economics and Business Management, I gained various work experience in sales and marketing, developing skills and competences such as: data analysis, project management, account management and negotiation skills.Over the past three years I have been able to deepen and make my own, the logic of Direct Email Marketing, grasping and fully exploiting all its potential, both as a pure awareness tool and as a tool aimed at selling / converting.I currently hold the role of DEM Specialist in 7eyes, thanks to my experience, but aware of the long way to go and how much I can still learn.


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